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Friday, 18 January 2013

Radhe Radhe

This is another katha to show the effectiveness of faith!
During the rule of Yudhishtir Maharaj, there was a person who had curse on his family that whenever a child took birth in their family the father was dead. The only solution to get rid of the curse was to perform the Ashvamedh yagya because of the significance of its fruitful results. But there was a condition that such Ashvamedh yagya could only be performed by the emperor of the whole earth. Therefore Yudhishtir Maharaj agreed to perform the Ashvamedh yagya for that person and arrangements were made. Suddenly one milkman came there and asked the person about the reason of performance of yagya, after hearing the person milkman immediately said " kitne ashvamedh yagya ka fal chahie? bolo mai apne ashvamedh yagya ke fal tumhe de deta hu". On hearing this Yudhishtir Maharaj was shocked and he asked the milkman whether he knows the meaning of Ashvamedh Yagya? He said " haan maharaj ap jitne chaho utne Ashvamedh yagya ka fal le lo mujhse." Soon they saw the dead person in their family came back to life and the curse was removed. Yudhishtir Maharaj asked him when he performed the yagya? On this the milkman answered " maharaj hum to ek sadhwa (sadhu) se sune the ki sadhwa ki taraf ek-ek kadam badhane ka fal ek-ek ashvamedh yagya hai, aur hum to roz hi sadhwa ke paas dudh leke jate hain to hamare paas to kai ashvamedh yagya ka fal hai". Yudhishtir Maharaj understood that it was because of the faith the milkman had in the words of Sadhu.
This katha tells us that we should have unflinching faith.
Jai Radhe !!!
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