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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Types of marriage in India

Diversity of India reflects on every dimensions of Indian context and Indian wedding is not an exception. Heterogeneity of Indian society and culture essence seeps through Indian wedding affair. They say, “ marriages are made in heaven” and undoubtedly it is one of the prime event of life. In India where social and cultural restrictions are so strong, wedding is perhaps the most important part of one’s life. Its also a social occasion for an individual and their family. Indian wedding is nothing short of any festival when it reflects the social and Indian heritage in every possible way. Some typical Indian wedding include the Hindu wedding, Punjabi wedding, Indian Muslim wedding, and Christian wedding. In India every part has their own type of wedding ceremony and totally diverse customs and cultural connotations can flummox anybody.

A typical Hindu wedding day starts with selection of auspicious day. Henna or Mehendi is something very important ritual in Indian wedding when bride palm and feet decorated with it. The Hindu wedding wedding is a long term affair, where numerous intricate customa webbed in a single event. The best part of Indian wedding is the procession of groom where the procession or baraat headed by a display of fireworks, accompanied by the songs and dance reach the bride place for wedding. The tradition of Indian wedding wavers across religion, caste, ethnicity, language, region and other things. Today Indian scenario is changing where arranged marriages is gradually moving to love marriages. Still in modern society Indian marriages almost have the same appeal and tradition. Traditional Indian weddings are generally starts with pre-wedding day ceremonies. In some parts it starts from one week ahead of wedding ceremony.

Types Of Indian Wedding

Hindu Indian Wedding- Selection of wedding day is an important tasks. Hindu marriages are executed by priests who chant sanskrit hymns and mantras in front of sacred fire. In north Indian wedding, music is also play an important part. Playing Shehnai in north indian and Nadaswaram in south is a ritual. The pocession of groom known as baraat is an exciting event. This happens in much fanfare and enthusiasm. In the mandap, a dias where the marraige ceremony is performed, groom ties knowt with bride and they together walk seven times around the sacred fire while the priests continue to chant mantras. The last stage of marriage is known as saptapadi, where the bride and the groom take seven steps together facing the north, after which the bride shifts to the groom’s left. The couple is now declared married.

Muslim Indian Wedding - Pre wedding ceremony consists of two ceremonies. First one is mangni where the would be husband and wife exchange rings. The bride wears an outfit gfted by future in laws. At mangni ceremony day of marriage is fixed. Another one is mehendi ceremony when bride sport attractive on her palm and feet. In the wedding day, groom comes with a procession with band of musicians. The groom shares a drink of sherbet with bride’s brother. The nikah or marriage is conducted in a close association of relatives and guests. The nikah is complete in presence of priest after proposal and acceptance of both bride and groom side. According to muslim law nikahnama is a document in which the marriage contract is registered.
Indian Wedding
Sikh Wedding - Punjabi wedding is one of the most exuberant marriage ceremonies of India. the atmospeher is set before one week of wedding ceremony. The shagun ceremony, where two families exchange gifts to confirm the engagement. The bangle ceremony is an unique and improtant ceremony, where bride maternal uncle and aunt put red bangles on the bride’s wrist. The procession of groom is same like in other marriages. In the marriage ceremony, bridal couple sit in front of Granth Sahib. The ardas are read and ten Sikh gurus are saluted. The last ceremony is doli or farewell of bride to groom’s house. Bride leave her hose throwing handful of rice over shoulder.

Kerala Hindu Nair Wedding – Kerala Hindu Nair marriages is something very different from other souht Indian weddings. The Nairs of Kerala are only the matrilineal community in the country. Ceremonies include announcement of engagement and exchange of rings, prenuptial blessings of bride, the bride and groom are blessed by elders. The wedding ceremony is a close affair, groom come to bride house with a procession but with less fanfare compare to other Indian wedding.

Customs And Rituals

In India marriages are complex and grand event with so many customs and rituals. Long before the actual marriage ceremony almost in all the religion customs and rituals play an important part in Indian wedding. The announcement the date of marriage is an important custom followed by ‘mangni’ or engagement function. In India marriage is not only the binding between bride and groom but also it associates two separate families. Songs, dances, little mischiefs and family union is all about Indian marriages. Its just not an event of bride or groom but its like a festival where every single member actively participate in that. Although inflow of foreign culture affect some of Indian tradition but the root is still strong. Indian geographical variation have an effect on their marriage customs and rituals. Every zones have a separate method of celebrating marriage ceremony. The religious customs and rituals are same but the method is different. For example, Marwari marriages in Rajasthan are grand affair and lasted for at least 10 weeks whereas in Bengal wedding affair is less illustrious. Most of the north Indian marriages, procession of groom come with much pomp and gaudery but in south India that is not the man event and they mainly stress on traditional customs and complicated rituals.

Wedding Destinations In India

Royal Wedding In Rajasthan – Imagine wedding in some of the magnificent palace in Rajasthan with grandiose ambiance, desert theme parties, and wedding in the middle of the lake. Rajasthan is one of the most favorite wedding destination because of its royal charm and rough beauty. Apart from wedding Rajasthan is an excellent place to visit and to enjoy the traditional beauty of the land of Maharajas.

Beach Wedding In Goa- The Goa reminds the seducing beaches, laid back lifestyle, food and obviously fun. There is nothing better venue to bind yourself with your life partner where married at exclusive and private resorts are booked for marriage with some excellent music and dance parties.

Wedding in Himalayas - One cannot escape from the charm of Himalayas and who doesn’t want to be arrested on the mystic valleys of Himalayas. Enjoy the beautiful valley of Himalayas, tranquility and scenic beauty. In addition to wedding the place is perfect for picnic, adventure activities, and unadulterated fun.

Wedding In Kerala- Some call it paradise, some says nature’s bliss. Undoubtedly Kerala is most coveted destinations for Wedding. Beautiful backwater, ayurvedic massage and serene beaches, Kerala has all.

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