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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A true story

A small boy the age of 6 or 7 years. Some of the shop stands on a khilone shopper was talking, not to say than those by the shopkeepers he has lost a little bit of distance and from there on a beautiful erect she ever sees a judy store and never puts his hand in the Pocket. They then think of something and then blindly to see judy again and feel your Pocket tatolne duhrane order.

A man standing on the same off her very long and looking at it. He grew up as a man so she went to the baby shopper and some had not heard the voice of the shopper said then you cannot buy these judy because you got that money makes them much less.
He bent the man and the baby and asked what you lagtahai usneus man I have of Uncle really is less money. The man who uttered some money and so son it is really low. You can buy so many ways they not judy. Usladke, AH and then depressed mood to the judy ghurne.
Now, the man asked the boy "why you want to take these judy". The boy replied that judy is a lot like my sissy. And they want to read and her birthday gift it judy. I referred to your mother, so that these judy that they give my Sissy judy when she approached him.
Asked the man keeps your Sissy said. The little boy said my Sissy has gone to God. Even my mom and dad say soon-to-be to God to meet him. And I have read and like my Mom should be so that when God took my these judy bahin. Chalkane the man's eyes began to tear. The boy was speaking just now.
He was saying I'd say those from MOM dad says not to God and to some of the day. So I saw some more money deposit and send these to your Sissy take judy visit. Then he turned to a photo in your photo has the Pocket hansata is she gorgeous.
Photo by he said it will also give your MOM the photo I, so that they give it to my Sissy so that she could always remember me............. Read and I know my mother leave me so quickly will not meet my sissy. Lekinpapa says they will be gone in 2-3 days.
That man, if your Pocket purse jhat turned out to be one of 100 and RS netlink said........... Bring your money says I have read and maybe two in the money they so shopper as well as give. And he said the boys acted and seamonkey bucks count........ Hey you got more money from the judy price. That guy has asked to see the God of the sky and your ....
Now he's the guy that said the guy was last night I asked God to give so many of my bhagvanmujhe money take I he judy of saku. By the way I wanted to take a white gulabbhi but didn't find much. God I. But he gave me just so I could read and both judy and take the rose. My mother is a lot like a white rose.

Tear down that man's eyes began to fall. Then he said to them, well that guy is sambhalte baby take care of yourself. And he went from:. The path where the man's head around that guy shadow. Then suddenly it appeared 1 week ago akhbarmai news was featured in an accident which came to remember a young man in a second car to the alcohol hit.
Bandwagon is a death on the spot and girls! the woman was seriously injured. Now came the question in her mind of the boy and said, these were not sissy.
The next day came news of the newspaper also died. They take home of white man usmahila roses. In the woman's corpse was laid on his chest that patio and beautiful was a judy ... who had taken the boy, and the woman in the photo the guy's she ekhath and the other was a white rose flower in them.

That man crying out. It was the same thing manmai a young man I churaek to results from a small child away from his mother and became a sissy that he loved. Read this story and this time, I have my eyes even as you type. And maybe you should appear in the eyes but don't understand the uspani anshu. He could be sure that the water is salty anshu. But he will not be anshu.

If after reading this story in your eyes is forced to change you anshu may come only if they are not then they will believe water anshu. and if your eye is not really in to the water of pran anshu todays ever after neither Chinese nor drunk driving began to hear the air phone in Kano to sing Chinese car not a motorcycle or vehicle will not talk on the phone when the car Ever faster speed driving in Chinese 
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