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Friday, 18 January 2013

Parvati ji asked Lord Shiva

Once Parvati ji asked Lord Shiva that every year so many people have Kumbh snaan but they don't come to heaven. Why is it so? On this Lord Shiva asked Parvati ji to join Him and both took the form of an old couple and sat at some distance from the Ganga tat where people were having Kumbh snaan. As anyone passed by them Parvati ji stopped them and asked them to carry her old husband (Lord Shiva) to the Ganga tat for snaan, as somebody tried to help, she added that only those should touch Him who have not done any sin in their entire lifetime. Therefore, no one could help them after hearing the second condition. Suddenly a young man came from Ganga tat and asked " Kya hua maai?". Parvati ji repeated the same for him too. So he quickly lifted the old man (Lord Shiva) in his arms and took Him for Ganga snaan. When he came back Parvati ji asked him "kya tumne jeevan me koi paap nahi kiya hai?", The man replied "kiye hain na maai, bahut paap kiye hain, par abhi to mai Ganga snaan karke aya hu aur uske baad abhi tak maine koi paap nahi kiya hai". On hearing this both Lord Shiva and Parvati ji appeared and gave their darshan to Him.
This katha tells us about having the firm faith in what we do, if we have mentality of water in Ganga then we can't benefit from it, if we have the mentality of stone for the deity of God then we can't benefit and have His darshan also if we have the mentality of food in prasadam then we can never benefit. Jai Radhe !!!
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